An estimated 400 million Deaf people live in the world. They are currently the third largest group of people who are unreached with the gospel of Jesus Christ. Though technology and the increase of radio and internet stations have dramatically increased our ability to reach the corners of the earth, these advancements do not help those who are unable to hear.

Being Deaf since birth, I (Bryan Palumbo) understand some of the burdens and limitations that the Deaf face. I was not raised in a Christian home. In the few times I attended church, there was no interpreter, and I couldn’t understand what was happening. By God’s grace alone, while I was attending a Deaf college, a friend of mine cared for my soul enough to share the gospel with me, and I was saved. Several years ago, we sang a song in church called, “Here Am I, Send Me.” God placed His desire to reach the Deaf with the message of salvation in my heart. In 2012, God gave me an opportunity to go with a group of Christians — some Deaf and some Hearing who knew how to communicate with ASL — to a Deaf Expo. I saw thousands of Deaf passing by, and my heart was burdened to reach them for Christ!

Primarily through that experience, Romans Road for the Deaf was begun. Now RRD team travel to Deaf Expo events all over the country to set up booths with free gospel tracts and other materials. Our primary task is not the distribution of literature, but rather talking to people one-on-one, clearly sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ with them, using pictures and ASL. To the glory of God, many Deaf and Hearing souls have put their faith in Jesus Christ alone for salvation! As long as we have opportunity, we will continue to go and represent Christ at these events.