Romans Road for the Deaf

A Step of Faith

Bryan Palumbo

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On the Back Cover

Will God still use you if you wander away from Him and later repent?

Many Christians think that God could never use them in His service because they were backslidden for a long time. It’s difficult for them to get involved in a church ministry because they feel guilty and ashamed for straying away from the Lord.  Even after they have repented and God has led them back to the church to grow strong in the Lord daily, they continue to struggle in the area of service. I know: I was one of them.

However, one night at a Missions Conference, a missionary family sang a song, “Here am I, O Lord, Send Me,” and I asked God if He would send me and use me.  God opened the door for me to go to the DeafNation World Expo with the Silent Word Ministries International team. During the week, God stirred my soul by showing me that Deaf people around the world need the Lord Jesus. For 27 years, I was a careless Christian and lived with the attitude that “God will forgive me all the time.” God finally broke my hard heart and let me see what He really wanted me to do.

Though the burden God gave me to reach the Deaf around the world, Romans Road for the Deaf was born. It was a faith ministry, and we had to step out in faith and trust Him to start. The beginning was rough. However, God is always good, and He has saved many Deaf and Hearing souls at DeafNation expos. In this book, you will be inspired to read how God has worked in us and through us in His powerful ways to reach many thousands in just eight hours a day at every city where we have been. I pray that these stories will be a blessing to you and will help you to witness for Jesus with gladness and boldness wherever God may use you.


I am thrilled to recommend Romans Road for the Deaf: A Step of Faith to you. Having worked with Bryan Palumbo on two mass evangelistic trips, I have been absolutely thrilled with what God has been doing in his life. Having had personal contact with Bryan and seeing his fervor for the lost, I requested that he become one of my team leaders for an evangelistic outreach at the Deaflympics in Bulgaria, Europe. God has molded him and is using him greatly. He has a passion for God, a vision for the world, and a passion for lost souls.

Romans Road for the Deaf: A Step of Faith was a real inspiration to me personally, as well as to my SWMI evangelistic team. My eyes and heart were glued to each chapter and each story. I could not put the book down. I require my evangelistic teams to read this book for spiritual inspiration and evangelism challenges before each missions trip. It touches the heart and stirs people to evangelistic fervor and action.

I highly recommend this book to you, your pastor, church leadership, deaf ministry leadership, and to all your Deaf.

W. David Bennett, BA
Director, Silent Word Ministries International
Trenton, Georgia

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